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As with all those who started training to play string instruments and then later to become tutors ourselves, playing professionally for various sized ensembles, we wondered as to 'how could a musical instrument dealer give impartial advice on purchasing an instrument without prioritising commercial interests?'.

Therefore after some 30 years of experience, we have established this showroom you find yourselves in, to offer primarily impartial advice and consultation and only then, dealership services.
This means we have no intention to push any items for no valid reason save for the fact that we have them in our inventory. We constantly seek to find the best instruments at various price levels, so if you haven't found that something special, of a certain quality, why not discuss it with us so we could help you locate one.

We are very particular about our services and products, as a result we have decided to select in-house trained professionals to rank our London . staff to ensure you receive your product in perfect condition.

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